POC Axion Spin Helmet

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POC Axion Spin Helmet

The Axion SPIN is a lightweight, well ventilated trail helmet with extended coverage around the temples and back of the head.

Lightweight, well ventilated and with extended coverage around the temples and at the back of the head, the Axion SPIN provides finely tuned trail protection. Including a 360° size adjustment system that makes it easy to find a precise fit, the helmet features a fully wrapped unibody shell for improved structural integrity.

The adjustable breakaway peak works to enhance safety in a crash, as it reduces forces transmitted to the neck. The peak can be adjusted so protection from sun, rain and mud can be tailored to individual needs. Designed for trail and enduro riders, the Axion SPIN benefits from channels and vents that control airflow to keep a rider cool in all conditions.


To minimize crash forces transferred to the head and increase rider protection, the peak will break away in a crash.


Uniquely designed airflow channels ensure your head stays cool, even on those super hot summer rides.