Mudhugger Rear Guard II w/ BB Extension, Medium


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Mudhugger Rear Guard II w/ BB Extension, Medium

Designed and made from 100% recycled polypropylene in the heart of the UK.

Building on the award winning, tried and tested Rear Mudhugger design, we have now added 3 signficant improvemnts over the original 2012 Rear Mudhugger design.

1. Utilising reusable quick release velcro straps to fit to the helitape protected seat stays makes fitting and removing a matter of seconds.

2. Where the Mudhugger ‘sits’ on the seat stays we have incorporated rubber inserts which aid grip and improves damping.

3. An all new push fit BB extender. Designed to protect bearings and the BB area from mud and debris build up, in even the most extreme conditions. This has been designed to be as thin as possible so that it can be easily trimmed to suit most bike rear triangle designs*.

The MEDIUM version is designed for bikes with a seat stay angle from 34 degrees down to 27 degrees. Can be fitted to ‘most’ mountain bikes with disc brakes, even with external cables and hoses.

  • Length – 690mm.
  • Width – 105mm.
  • BB Extension – 230mm long x 80mm wide
  • Weight – 280g excluding fittings.
  • MEDIUM MK2 Rear Mudhugger comes supplied with:
  • 2 x helitape sheets to protect seat stays.
  • 4 x reusable velcro straps
  • 2 x rubber damping strips
  • 1 x BB etension piece

Fitting instructions.

We recommend that you periodically check the condition of the helitape for signs of wear. Spare packs of Helitape are available on the Mudhugger website. Replace as necessary. 

Regularly check the velcro for build up of dirt etc, wash and dry as required. Replace if any signs of tearing or the velcro hook and loop becomes worn and loses its stickiness. Spare Velcro straps are availbale on the Mudhugger website. Zipties can also be used to fit the Mk2 Rear Mudhugger to your bike if you should so choose.