Muckynutz Rear Fender



Muckynutz Rear Fender

Meet our clever, lightweight and adjustable Rear Fender!

Ideal for commuters, this is a full-size rear guard that attaches to your seat post, to protect you from mud, spray and splatter, which your back wheel tends to share with you!

Attach to your road, commuter, gravel, or mountain bike. Fits all standard seat posts, under the collar of a dropper post, and even to the seat tube on some bikes.


Using one of the three options available, position the fender at the angle best suited to you and your bike for full, rear-end protection.

Roll-up to store

Leave it attached to your bike or take it off, roll it up and keep it in your rucksack for those rainy days. At only 70g it won’t weigh you down.


We are always looking for ways to eliminate single-use plastic and waste from our products and packaging. And the Butt Fender is no exception. There isn’t a piece of single-use plastic in sight. No fasteners. No packaging. Nowt!