Muckynutz MugGuard Short Mudguard


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Muckynutz MugGuard Long Mudguard

Meet the Mucky Nutz MugGuard… our super, snazzy, award-winning mudguard for mountain bikes, made in the UK from 100% recycled plastic.

Designed to fit 26″ to 29″ standard and boost suspension forks with tyres up to 3″ wide. It can also be used as a rear mudguard on some bike frames.

  • Forward lip to catch and minimise spray
  • Sharp trailing edge to cut cloggy soil away from the tyre
  • Recessed bridge area to increase tyre clearance
  • Wide upper arm profile to protect your seals and stanchions
  • Six fastenings to anchor the guard firmly to the fork, minimising rattle and movement in the rockiest conditions
  • Multiple fastening slots for increased compatibility
  • Supplied with re-useable VELCRO® for easy installation and quick-release
  • Gloss underside finish to shed muck and make for easy cleaning
  • Finished in a stealthy matt black with contrasting gloss features, the MugGuard is a sleek looking piece of kit