Jagwire Sport Organic Disc Pad – Magura MT Series


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Jagwire Sport Organic Disc Pad – Magura MT Series

Organic disc brake pads offer good stopping power while keeping noise to a minimum. While not as durable as other pad types, they feature a resin-based compound that provides a positive brake feel and excellent modulation. Mounted on a steel backing plate, these pads deliver outstanding value.

WHEN TO USE: These pads are great for bikes that are primarily ridden in dry conditions and riders that prefer their brakes to have more initial grab.

NOTE: If a brake rotor is labeled “For Resin Pads Only”, ONLY use organic / resin pad compounds. Semi-Metallic, E-Bike, and Sintered compounds are NOT compatible.

Compatibility: MT7 Pro, MT7, MT Trail SL (Front), MT Trail Sport (Front), MT5, MT5e